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Mosquito . Bee . Insect bite relief

A natural and cost effective way to treat those irritating bites!

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How it works?

GoodByeBites is a new-age tool based on an ancient method of effectively pulling out insect venom/saliva after a mosquito/bee/bug/insect/ant bites on your skin. As a substitute to ointments, this natural and handy tool quickly extracts insect poison from under the skin leaving no risk of skin reactions. With GoodByeBites you can quickly cure the insect/mosquito/bug bites and forget pain, itching, stinging, or swelling of the skin that keeps you restless for days.

How to use

place goodbyebite tool over the bite/sting

Step 1

Place tool directly over the affected area. Make sure to have a good contact.

pull goodbyebite tool to create suction

Step 2

Pull handles up until you feel a section and hold. This should not be painful!

hold goodbyebite tool for 10-20 seconds for best results

Step 3

Hold for 10-20 seconds and push down on handles. Repeat the process 2-3 times for best results!

What our customers are saying

Goodbyebites give me complete relief from the itch, and now I sleep peacefully. I recommend it wholeheartedly

Amazon customer

It's like a magic suction which helps a rash vanish in a few minutes. I haven’t seen any cream or medicine do that before


Works great on adults and kids too help relieve the itch and pain from mosquito bites!!

Flipkart customer