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7 Reasons You Need GoodByeBites

After using GoodByeBites, you will agree that it is a must-have device for treating insect bites. There are several reasons to own GoodByeBites. Seven of them are listed below.

Instant Relief

It pulls out the venom or saliva from various insect bites and is handy if you live in a mosquito prone area. Also, you encounter many mosquitoes while you visit places like farms, go camping or trekking, or stay anywhere in hotels surrounded by trees. Using the GoodByeBites, you can stop the appearance of rashes that may ruin your holiday or an important presentation.

Fast Healing

You can use it on mosquito bites even after the appearance of rashes to relieve itching and aid in faster healing of the bite. Meaning, even if you did not have the GoodByeBites available with you during the time of the bite, you can apply it as soon as you are home after a few hours.


The best thing about GoodByeBites is, you can use it even on kids without any side effects. Unlike the creams and medicines that cause side effects or sometimes further reaction due to their powerful action, GoodByeBites is safe to use. Children find it exciting and even learn about suction action and its uses in a fun way.


The compact size of the device allows you to carry it anywhere with you. As it fits easily into your pocket, GoodByeBites is always available to you without much hassle. Its lightweight is another advantage as it does not add extra weight to your pocket or bag.


As it is washable, you can reuse it several times. Meaning it is also economical when compared to one-time use applications that cost a lot. GoodByeBites is just a one-time investment for all your insect bite woes.

Easy To Use

If you think it needs a complicated process to use it, then you are wrong. It's just placing the device at the bite spot, such that the skin on all sides surrounds it without gap and slowly pull the handles up. It forms a suction bond and starts sucking out the saliva. Let it be in the suction position for a few seconds and then release it after the saliva is sucked out. It is so simple to use that even the kids can utilize it by themselves.


It is chemical-free since no chemicals are required in treating bites while using this device. As it does not require any tropical applications loaded with harmful compounds that smell or cause reactions, it is fine to use with kids and older people. Persons with the most sensitive skin can use GoodByeBites without any concerns.

Though there is more and more I can go about on GoodByeBites; I do not want to let out everything I discovered while using it. I am leaving a few mysteries for you to discover and to share them with me here in the comments section.

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