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Are You A Mosquito Magnet? Then This Gadget Is For You

Have you ever felt that you are attacked unfairly by mosquitoes? On the contrary, heard someone complaining about them, and you never sensed any? Is it just an assumption? Or do mosquitoes prefer some people over others scientifically? The simple answer is yes; mosquitoes do prefer some people over others. Read on for complete details.

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Why Mosquitoes Get Attracted More To Some People Vs. Others

It is because all the causes listed below play a significant role in attracting them. Check if you fall into any of these categories to find the reason.

Blood Group: Mosquitoes show more preference to blood group O than A or B.

Metabolic Rate: Mosquitoes find the higher resting metabolic rate attractive. So, this is the reason why pregnant women and obese people tend to get more bites. Also, exercising and drinking alcohol have the same effects. 

CO2: You breathe out CO2, and mosquitoes use it to detect your presence. However, this is not a complete clue as many other non-living objects emit CO2. They rely on a secondary clue mentioned below.

Secondary Clues: 

mosquitoes use some secondary clues to confirm their host. Below are a few of them, and even the above given primary clues work as secondary hints at times.

Dark Clothing: As mosquitoes compare your clothing profile to the horizon, darker colors stand out better. So, they are likely to identify them quickly.

Motion: When you move, they have confirmation about your existence. After that, it is easier for them to find you.

How To Protect Yourself From These Mosquitoes

Depending on how many of the above categories you match, you are likely to be a magnet to mosquito bites. Some proven ways that can protect you from mosquitoes and a few things to take care of are given below. 

Tightly woven clothing offers better protection from mosquito bites. However, you cannot cover all parts of your body to apply 15% DEET mosquito repellent. It can offer you temporary protection for a specific time when done with caution. Make sure you are not sensitive to that chemical or inhale it as it can be disastrous. 

Also, a fan with good blowing speed when pointed towards you can blow away these bugs as they cannot fly in a faster breeze. Avoid low breeze areas and dawn and dusk outdoors, when winds are low and humidity is high, giving them ample strength to fly. Now you got it why they tend to attack at those times of the day.

Despite taking care of yourself, if you still experience mosquito bites, do not settle for relief measures. Now you have a way to eliminate the irritation and pain caused by mosquito bites. Also, get rid of itchy bumps within a few seconds without any discomfort. 

GoodByeBites suction tool is excellent at managing the post mosquito bite issues. It sucks out the irritant released into your skin by the mosquitoes, which is the root cause of all the problems. As the saliva is pulled out of your skin, the effects of mosquito bite quickly fade away, and you can be worry-free and go on as if nothing happened.

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