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Steps To Be Taken After Being Stung By A Bee

Bees are building their hives anywhere and everywhere these days. For this reason, bee stings are not limited to outdoor camping sessions or throwing a stone at a hive. Hence the need to be cautious about bee stings is rising day by day. Bee stings result in either local or severe allergic reactions. 

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Severe Allergic Reactions

Severe allergic reactions have serious symptoms such as uneasiness, swollen lips, breathing difficulty, and loss of consciousness. In that case, seek immediate medical attention through emergency care.

Local Reaction

The local reaction of the sting causes itching, swelling, and redness. Though they are not fatal, it hurts awfully. There are numerous home remedies for treating a bee sting; however, they are not so effective. They provide temporary relief but do not act on the actual cause of the pain. 

What Causes Pain In Bee Sting And How To Treat It?

Bee stings are excruciating due to the venom and the barbed stinger they inject into the skin. Bees die after stinging you as their stinger breaks inside your skin. Sometimes they leave out the venom sack that is capable of pumping venom continuously till it is emptied. 

Venom disintegrates over time slowly in a few days, and stinger takes more time to dissolve biologically. You keep feeling the pain till both these foreign bodies are present in your body. 

If you can stop the flow of toxins by sucking the venom out, you will get immediate relief. Also, you can scrape the stinger out using a dull-edged object. 

The safe and easy way to suck the venom out is by using the suction tool designed to address insect bites. GoodByeBites is one such tool proven effective for bee stings. It sucks out the venom in a few seconds, giving you quick relief without causing rashes. If already rashes are formed, they will diminish in no time as the venom is gone.

Use the handles as a scraper to remove the stinger as it is designed appropriately for this purpose. The blunt edge does not cause further injury to the already punctured skin. A tweezer or a sharp object can break the venom sack, promoting a reaction that can worsen quickly. 

While using a suction tool, the chances of venom sac breaking are minimal. Suppose if the less anticipated happened and the venom sac breaks, even then, there is nothing to worry about. The suction tool takes care of the venom by pulling it out no matter what.

As this tool does not use any chemicals or require prior learning, it is handy for bee stings. By keeping GoodByeBites in your first aid kit, you can be well prepared to bee stings in advance. The sooner you use it; the better are the results, so do not wait till you have a sting and have one handy for immediate action.

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