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What Happens When You Are Bitten By A Mosquito/Bee And How Can Our Tool Help You

Mosquito bites are irritating and painful. Some people who have an allergic reaction to mosquito bites have stronger reactions such as a large painful bump or a big irritating rash. Not to mention a bee sting as it is excruciating and lasts for many days.

mosquito bite goodbyebites

Though several medications claim to alleviate bites, they are not entirely effective and require some time to provide relief. Still, the relief is temporary with these ointments. Also, they inject harmful chemicals, which later tend to have side effects on your skin.

GoodByeBites brings about an innovative solution that works in seconds and leaves no side effects. This simple yet result producing device has a suction mechanism that produces impressive results. Before you know how this tool works, you need to know what happens when mosquito bites or bee stings.

Mosquito Bite

A female mosquito sucks blood by piercing you using its Proboscis, a special mouth part for sucking blood. The mosquito injects its saliva while it is feeding. It is this saliva that causes all sorts of reactions.

Soon after a bite occurs, suction out the saliva left by the mosquito using the GoodByeBites. This helps in removing the source of irritants from your skin. Hence your skin does not face any itching or other reactions you would otherwise typically experience.


Bee Sting

Bees have extreme pain causing capacity with their stings. The bee stabs a stinger into the skin, and it is not easy to remove entirely as it breaks, and its barbed texture leaves out little parts in your skin. Also, the venom it injects has proteins capable of affecting skin cells and the immune system.

As the GoodByeBites has a suction action the venom is drawn out easily and immediately using this device. Also, the scraper facility on the handles helps in handling the stinger skilfully. The process is painless, side effect less, and provides immediate relief.

Advantages Of Using GoodByeBites

GoodByeBites is a state-of-the-art device that eliminates the problem caused by mosquito or bee bites rather than masking them. This kid-friendly and the reusable device uses only suction and no chemicals or medicines to achieve healing. There are several other useful aspects of this device.

Its advantages are as below:

  • Sucks out the venom or irritant from the bite spot on the skin
  • The dual sized suction cap is versatile
  • Removable cap helps in thorough cleaning
  • Lightweight allows you to along even while traveling
  • Safe on kids as no harmful process or chemicals are involved
  • Works on splinters also
  • You can scrape the sting using the handle sides 

Hence having it in your home helps treat your loved ones quickly and effectively from the adverse effects of various bites and stings. As it is reusable and does not expire, it is reliable to offer extended time protection.

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