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GoodByeBites is a quick suction tool that reduces the effect of mosquito bites by pulling out the insect venom/saliva. Unlike the regular creams and ointments, the GoodByeBites is a natural tool with an instant effect. When mosquitoes, bees, ants or other insects bite, you can use the tool on the spot to pull out the insect venom with the help of the handle. It helps in removing the irritant, venom, saliva and other gunk left by the insects that may produce skin reactions. GoodByeBites reduces the probability of producing skin reactions, or other uncomfortable symptoms like swelling, itching, and pain.

GoodByeBites works on bites and stings made by mosquitoes, bugs, bees, ants, & other biting insects. It is also great to use for removing thorns, bee stingers, and splinters.

GoodByeBites is a handy tool that can be used anytime and anywhere. Just when the insect stings/bites on your skin, take out GoodByeBites to use on the skin instantly. Place the suction tool on the bitten area and gently pull the handle up to create a suction. The harder you pull the handle, the more intense is the suction. Hold it for a few seconds and release. In a few seconds, the tool will pull out the venom, saliva or any left outs of the insect and save your skin from harmful irritants.

P.S. The tool does not push back the venom/saliva back into the skin.

Yes, GoodByeBites is a chemical-free no-ingredients manual tool that is safe to use on children. However, it is advisable to use the suction tool gently on children and people with sensitive skin.

Note: The intensity of the suction tool is in your hands. You have control over the pressure you apply and the duration you hold to create the suction.

GoodByeBites only causes a mark when the pressure of the suction is too much for your skin. But you can control the pressure to keep it gentle for your skin. To avoid marks, use the tool with gentle pressure and hold it for fewer seconds. You can always repeat the process to achieve the desired results. Note: Avoid using it on the face/neck.

GoodByeBites is a lightweight, handy and natural tool that can be used immediately on the noticed bites/stings to get best results. The longer the sting/bite stays on the body, it starts developing symptoms like itching, pain, irritation etc.

Be it a walk in the park, camping, trekking, or just driving out for work, the tool slips into your bags and pocket to be used anytime and anywhere. It is best to keep the tool handy and use it immediately after an insect bite.

Yes! GoodByeBites is a manual suction tool that can be reused as many times as you like. Just remember to clean it properly in between usage for hygiene. You have control over the amount of pressure and suction you apply.

No. GoodByeBites is not a painful tool. However, when you apply too much pressure on the skin, it might feel painful. Use GoodByeBites gently onto the skin to get the best results without pain. You can control the amount of pressure and suction you create on the skin.

To best use GoodByeBites, always run a patch test by conducting a suction on the inner palm. To use it on sensitive areas, reverse the cap, and use the smaller side of the suction tool. Make sure you wet the area when using it over body hair.

The effects of GoodByeBites can be felt right after its use. You will not have itching, swelling, or any sense of discomfort even after an insect bite on the skin.

After the suction, the venom/saliva is drawn into the removable cap at the end of the tool. The cap can be washed and sanitized between uses.

We do not recommend using GoodByeBites on your face or neck. These are sensitive areas where the risk of getting marks or injuries is higher.

Creams and ointments can be used to fight against the inflammation, itchiness, and pain caused due to mosquito bites. But, the creams and ointments are chemicals that often leave the skin irritated and have a higher risk of side-effects. GoodByeBites is a natural way to take a preventive cure from skin infections, inflammations, or any itchiness caused due to mosquito, ants, bugs, bees, wasps, or any other insect bites/stings.